Introducing Tag Clouds

July 13, 2008

Whee! We have tag clouds! There’s a small cloud on the homepage of the wiki, but there’s a full cloud page here, too.

Anyone can add tags to any article using the “Add tag/category” box at the bottom of every page. Enter one keyword at a time and click “Add tag.”

Tag articles any way you want – by personal characteristics, biographical background info, political leanings, or homestate. The goal is to be able to cross-reference as much information as possible.

Happy tagging!


Garrett Graff of the Washingtonian has had some of the best looks at Cabinet appointment possibilities. His articles on the subject, which were essential in building the framework for Open Cabinet:

Huffington Post is on the VP beat…

Got any more?

What’s Hot

July 12, 2008

We just made it easy to see hot articles on Open Cabinet. Check out these three pages to see the latest activity in the wiki:

We’re ready to crack open the door to Open Cabinet today. I’m really looking for general feedback on usability, clarity, and ability to easily dig deep into the content and get some useful information.

Here are some questions for you to ponder; meanwhile, join the Beta Test Facebook group to talk about the site.

On first glance, do you know what the site’s about?

Can you easily access information to start exploring?

Do you know how to fill in missing information?

Are the instructions clear for starting pages from scratch?

Any other thoughts, comments, questions, criticism, or the like?

Thanks for your time and feedback. Drop me a line with any questions.